My work is about experiencing places through the perceptions of photography and the marks of my hand.  I use painting and drawing or printmaking to respond to photographs that I take.  These varied forms of observation and expression give me a greater depth of understanding and a way of sharing a place or experience.  Instead of only relying on photographs as visual guides during the art making process, they often remain as part of the final artwork.  I am deeply inspired by the earth and the human response to nature. I often contemplate my ideas and calculate the possibilities of an artwork in my mind, only to cast the weight of conscious thought away to indulge in pure intuition in the studio. I use my art as a way of coping with the challenges of life and finding the pulse of pure existence. It is a way to process life and visually distill experience into something I can share.  I hope you, the viewer, find something for yourself in my work, too.